How Does Laser Therapy Help With Rehab?

how does laser therapy help with rehab Any athlete knows the agony of dealing with an injury. You go from the top of your game to sitting on the bench, and the pain can be overwhelming. You might try a lot of therapies, but one revolutionary idea is laser therapy. Here we will discus what laser therapy is and how it can help with rehab.

What is Laser Therapy?

The innovations in the science of laser has revolutionized the rehab world. Damaged cells in your body need a catalyst to heal themselves. Time can begin to heal, but sometimes a bit more help is needed. A handheld laser is used on the affected area of the body. It doesn’t take long, lasting up to seven minutes at a time, depending on the type of injury. A trained professional will monitor the effectiveness of the laser and make any adjustments as needed.

The science behind laser therapy works on a molecular level. Inside cells of the body are mitochondrion which have light receptors. The laser emits energy which is absorbed by the mitochondrion. This energy then helps the cells receive higher levels of oxygen and glucose, which allows them to work harder.

Why Choose Laser Therapy

There are many ways to go through rehabilitation, but among them all, laser therapy is an easy, practical solution. Surgery is intensive and creates a long recover time. Often, multiple surgeries are needed as the injury keeps rebounding. Instead, laser therapy has no recovery period. You don’t have to rest after a treatment.

As well, there are no side effects with laser therapy. It is pain free and there are no issues afterwards. Medications often come with a litany of side effects, some more painful than the initial injury.

Who Should Use Laser Therapy

There are many types of injuries that can be aided with laser therapy. Sports injuries that involve soft tissue damage, bursitis, and tendonitis, can all be remedied. For those with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, you can also take advantage of laser therapy.

As you get older, joints can become inflamed, or previous injuries can wreak havoc with your body. You can turn to laser therapy for help with back pain, neck pain, and knee pain. Headaches and migraines might also benefit from this method.

If you feel like your body overall needs a bit of help, you can also look into laser therapy to improve your blood circulation. This, in turn, can help with nerve and muscles function.

Ask an Expert

If you’re still not sure about laser therapy for rehab purposes, it’s best to speak with a professional. They can look at your body more closely and recommend a course of treatment for you so that you can start to feel like your healthy self again.