5 Ways Swimming Can Help With Rehab

5 ways swimming can help with rehabGetting back to where you used to be after an injury can be hard work. Physically, you just don’t have the strength or endurance. And mentally, it can be frustrating to know that so much hard work will be involved. Thankfully there are many tools that can get you back to where you want to be. Swimming can help with rehab and should be used when possible.


You’ve probably familiar with the adage that swimming is a low-impact activity. But what does this really mean? Basically, swimming allows you to be active and get your body moving, without putting additional stain on your muscles and joints. After an injury, it’s important to get your body moving so that your muscles are able to stretch and heal themselves. But even simple exercises such as walking can still put too much strain on your body.

Swimming can help with rehab because you can keep your whole body active. You don’t have to worry about strains on your joints or muscles and you can have a better range of motions.

Not Weight-Bearing

If you have a foot or leg injury, it can be hard to exercise it. But, it’s important to keep it stretched and flexible so that your muscles can move and heal. Once you’re in the water, the weight is taken off of a foot. You can then move it without worrying about additional pain. The same goes for back injuries. Once you are in the water you are weightless. Pressure is instantly relieved from your injured spot. As a result, you can move better and help to strengthen your body. Just be careful as too much movement can be felt at a later date through strains.

Keep Moving

If you don’t use your muscles, you will start to lose them. After an injury it’s important to rest. But if you rest too long, the road to recovery can be longer than necessary. This is why swimming can help with rehab. Once you enter the pool, you give your body a much needed opportunity to move. You can slowly stretch your muscles and allow them the opportunity to work again. Start with gentle stretches to keep muscles loose and flexible. You can them work up to a more vigorous routine.

Keep In Shape

After an injury you will want to take things slow. However, once your doctor has signed off on more activity, swimming is a great way to stay in shape. There are many water aerobic exercise classes that can help you stay active and keep fit. Even if you have an injury, swimming can allow you to moderate your movements and still get a good workout in.

Stay Positive

Recovering after an injury is as much about physical shape as it is mental fitness. The more your move, the more energy you will have. Your mood will lift, and you will become more motivated to reach your rehab goals. Swimming can help with rehab because it can give you a sense of purpose. It can allow you to feel like yourself again.