Physiotherapy as a Preventative Measure

physiotherapy in Thornhill Physiotherapy is mostly thought of as a treatment method, but research shows that it can be utilized as a preventative measure too. We are quick to turn to Google for advice on how we can prevent injuries and conditions, but have you ever thought that your physiotherapist might be the answer to some of your concerns? Here are a few areas in which physiotherapy can be used as a preventative measure:

Preventing Falls

Physiotherapy is a well-known method of preventing falls amongst the elderly. As we get older and become less active, our muscles weaken and we often struggle with balance problems, which leads to falls that could potentially be very serious. Physiotherapists are qualified professionals who can help the elderly to strengthen their muscles through exercise, which could prevent them from falling.

There are many exercises physiotherapists can suggest to improve balance. Falls often occur when a person tries to stand up from a chair and then loses their balance. Physiotherapists can educate patients on how to get up without losing balance.

Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries

It is safe to assume that everybody knows that exercise is important. Something many people don’t think or often simply neglect is how to exercise and participate in sports in a way that is safe for our bodies. Physiotherapists know which muscles need to be strengthened for what activities, and are able to provide you with training, warm up and cool down exercises that will strengthen the right muscles, which will, in the end, prevent injuries.

Prevention Through Educating

While the normal man on the street have no idea even how many muscles we have in our bodies and where they all are, a physiotherapist knows exactly how our muscles function and how our bodies move. With this knowledge, they are able to educate people on how to take care of their bodies and muscles. Let’s take a look at only two of the ways in which physiotherapy in Thornhill could educate people and thus prevent injuries:

  • Correcting Posture

Bad posture can have many negative effects on our bodies, such as chronic neck and back pain, poor circulation, increased stress, and more. By educating people about the importance of good posture and how to achieve it, physiotherapists help to prevent these negative effects from happening.

  • Carrying and Picking up Things

It might seem like an easy thing to do and education on how to do it seems redundant, however, our muscles take a lot of strain when we carry heavy items. If you don’t think about your body you could end up with serious injuries. At our physiotherapy in Thornhill practice, we are able to show you how you can safely carry everything from a schoolbag to furniture.

Physiotherapy in Thornhill

These are only a few ways in which physiotherapy is used as a preventative measure for injuries and muscular problems. If you’re in need of physiotherapy in Thornhill or if you would like more information on prevention through physiotherapy and how it works, contact us.