How Massage Therapy Can Help Alleviate Anxiety

Massage therapy in Thornhill People who suffer from anxiety are often faced with a stark choice: take medications that may or may not work and which may carry with them the risk of physical or psychological addiction or try to find relief by talking to a Psychologist or Psychiatrist over an extended period of time. While there have no doubt been patients who have found a measure of relief in those ways there is in fact another path to potential relief that is not widely known but has been shown to be produce results: massage therapy.

Alleviate Anxiety with Massage Therapy in Thornhill

Massage therapy is an alternative form of therapy for dealing with anxiety but one which has shown great long term potential. If you have only experienced unsatisfactory or mixed results using more traditional treatments for anxiety therapeutic massage may be for you. This type of massage effectively relieves some of the most vexing symptoms of anxiety including muscle tension that results from constant stress and sleep disorders such as insomnia.

For Insomnia

Getting enough sleep is vital to obtaining real relief from anxiety. Adequate sleep facilitates an even emotional keel, allows us to think straight and helps us face the day in a relaxed yet alert manner. If we’re constantly tired we suffer mentally, emotionally and physically and any anxiety we were feeling is magnified. Massage therapy has a proven track record of being able to improve sleep and as a result alleviate some of the worst symptoms of anxiety. When you get enough sleep as a result of having regular massage therapy in Thornhill you’ll experience greater concentration, less fatigue and an improved overall outlook on life.

To Reduce Pain

Whether you have deep tissue massage or more traditional Swedish massage you’ll experience a reduction in muscle tension and a corresponding reduction in muscular pain. The massage therapist works this particular miracle by increasing blood circulation which allows muscles to loosen up. Deep tissue massage also has the ability to flush lactic acid from the system and improve the circulation of oxygen.

A Safe Way to Alleviate Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety you should tell your massage therapist. It’s likely they’ll be able to tweak their approach in a way that’s more effective in dealing with the conditions that make your anxiety worse. There is no reason to be shy when discussing anxiety with your massage therapist. In fact doing so may lead to a happier, healthier you in no time.

The Bottom Line

Living with anxiety has a way of making every day seem like a struggle. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When you allow yourself to partake of the many benefits of massage you’ll begin to experience relief in short order. And before you’ll know it you’ll be sleeping better, feeling better and looking better. Massage therapy in Thornhill at Active Care Health will help you achieve a low stress life and put your anxiety on the defensive for a change.