Could Laser Therapy in Maple Help You?

laser therapy in Maple Many soft tissue injuries may improve on their own if given enough time but often the human body heals more slowly than we would like, especially when we grow older. If you are currently dealing with an injury that is taking a long time to resolve itself, laser therapy could be the solution you have been looking for: designed to speed up the healing process without causing any additional damage to adjacent tissue, this type of therapy has been used around the world for many years but has only recently become widely available to the general public. To find out whether it is the right option for you, call our clinic today and make an appointment to see one of our resident specialists.

How Our Laser Therapy in Maple Works

While it is certainly true that the human body’s ability to heal itself is remarkable, there are times in our lives when we may suffer from nagging injuries that seem particularly difficult to resolve. It is at such times that laser therapy can provide much needed relief by speeding the process of healing considerably. It does this by improving the flow of blood to the affected areas, which in turn increases the amount of oxygen and glucose that is available for your body’s cells to use.  These vital fuels are turned into energy by your body’s cells: energy that can be used to repair the damage sustained by individual cells at the site of soft tissue injuries. In summary, our laser therapy in Maple can speed the healing process of injured tissues at the cellular level by delivering the vital fuels that your cells need in order to repair themselves.

What Your Therapist Will Do

Some patients are naturally apprehensive about trying a new treatment but there is no need to worry about undergoing laser therapy for the first time as it has no known side effects and is completely painless. On your first visit, we will conduct a thorough assessment of your physical condition, paying particular attention to the areas of your body that are causing you pain, before giving our professional opinion as to whether laser therapy in Maple is the right option for you. Assuming that it is and you wish to proceed, your therapist will use a handheld device that projects a laser beam onto the affected areas of your body for several minutes at a time. Some areas of the body may require longer exposure to the laser than others, depending on the location of your injuries and their severity.

Why Come to Our Clinic?

Our therapists have a great deal of experience administering laser therapy in Maple and are experts at what they do. While cost may not be your primary concern, you will also be pleased to learn that our prices are among the most competitive in the area: we aim to provide you with a wide range of therapy options delivered by talented professionals at affordable rates.