How does chiropractic help with pain management?


When faced with pain, many turn straight to medicine. That’s not wrong, but there are other solutions, and in chronic cases instead of taking a higher dose one should consider How does Chiropractic help with pain management? In this article we’ll be going over what types of pain chiropractic can help you deal with.

A chiropractor works by manipulating your body to help realign your bones and joints in order to alleviate any pain and restore full movement to the body. The chiropractor will inquire about your medical history, so having your medical history handy can greatly help the diagnosing, diagnosis, and prescription of treatment or further exams. Besides the initial treatment the chiropractor will also give advice do’s and don’ts in your day-to-day that will help with your conditions. Let’s look at more specific types of pains, and the treatments used:

Chronic pain:

This is pain that lasts for over 90 days, can be caused by sports injuries, accidents, or conditions such as multiple sclerosis and Osteoarthritis. The back is especially susceptible due to the amount of weight it carries as well as it’s complex structure. Daily strain such as heavy lifting or prolonged time in a position with bad posture can also cause injuries which seem to hurt for longer than usual.

Treatments for Chronic pain:

The very first step is conducting an examination both physical and verbal to determine the cause of pain. This is where having your medical history comes in handy. The chiropractor will then possibly order x-rays and further medical exams, or diagnose the condition and begin discussing possible treatments.  Chronic pain treatment involves techniques such as spine manipulation, exercises, heat & cold treatment, hydrotherapy, and changes to your daily habits. Treatment for chronic pain is long-lasting and requires at least weekly treatment in order to be able to reap any long-lasting benefits.

Acute Pain:

Acute pain is characterized by lasting less than chronic pain, usually 1-4 weeks. Acute pain is generally cause by a single trauma such as an accident, sports injury, or a sprained ligament. A common condition for example is pulling one’s back while lifting a heavy object. These conditions are very common and people often simply suffer through the pain or take medicine, not treating the root cause of the injury.

Treatments for Acute Pain:

Taking care of the problem at home often works, but takes longer and causes prolonged pain. This is both stressful and may prolong the time it takes for the healing to occur. Going to a chiropractor will greatly diminish the pain, as well as prepare the wound for a quick healing process. The treatments for acute pain generally take 1 to 4 sessions and usually involve adjusting the bones and joints accompanies by other therapeutic techniques to lessen pain and increase the ease with which the body can heal the wound.


Chiropractic has changed a lot throughout the years, and recently it’s become renowned for its help with pain and sports injuries in particular. What sets it apart for other forms of dealing with pain is that it can often work together with other forms of treatment, and it doesn’t use any medication. Besides all the techniques used during a session, paying attention to your daily routine and giving advice that might help heal pain is something that makes the treatment more personalized and offers you a chance to play an active role in your healthcare. Chiropractors will often give advice in things like diet, posture, habbies, exercise that’ll prevent you from accidentally straining a sensitive area, or keep bad habits that in the long term will cause injury.