Conditions Massage Therapy Has Been Proven to Help Improve

Massage Therapy in ThornhillGetting a massage is commonly seen as only a way to relax and unwind, while the medical benefits of massage therapy are often overlooked. This type of therapy has been proven to improve many medical conditions; allowing you to cope with the pain and stress of the condition you are fighting, and to live a better lifestyle. We’ve compiled a list of some conditions we often see at our massage therapy in Thornhill practice and how they improve after a few sessions.

  1. Massage for Headaches

Whether your headache is caused by stress, an old injury or muscle spasms, massage therapy will help ease the pain. It is a proven method of helping to reduce anxiety and stress which then allows muscles to also relax.

  1. Muscle Injuries

This is another common problem that can be treated by massage therapy. Loosening spasms caused by injuries work as a pain reliever, but instead of just treating the pain like painkillers would, it treats the cause of the pain.

  1. Depression and Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is known not only to relax your muscles and body but to also calm your mind and improve your mental health. Hormones are released into your body during a massage which scientists believe allow you to form an emotional connection and leave your mind more at ease.

  1. Massage Therapy for Diabetes

Two of the main ways in which diabetics benefit from massage therapy are improved circulation and relaxation. The former because increased circulation improves the uptake and use of insulin, and the latter because diabetes is a very stressful disease and a relaxed body can more easily stay strong during the fight.

  1. Improve Sleep

Being sleep deprived can cause a lot of other health problems; including stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, and headaches, all of which can affect your quality of life. Through massage therapy, the body relaxes and bottled up emotions are released. Many of our massage therapy, Thornhill patients discovered that once this happens, they are able to have a more restful night.

  1. Massage Therapy for Asthma

Asthma causes our airways to narrow and thus makes breathing difficult. Gently massaging the muscles around the lungs can help to lengthen it and to release tension. After a few sessions, you may find that asthma attacks are less and also less intense.

  1. Arthritis and Massage Therapy

Massage therapy as a form of pain relief has been proven over and over for this common illness. An arthritis patient endures constant pain and stiffness in their joints. Massages therapy can help to reduce the pain by relaxing and loosening the muscles causing the irritation.

Massage Therapy in Thornhill

It is clear now that massage therapy has far more benefits than just helping you to unwind and relax. Having a relaxed body can help you fight many other health problems and medical conditions. We recommend patients to always visit their MD before starting massage therapy. Although massage therapy has been proven successful in the improvement of many medical conditions, it shouldn’t replace treatment prescribed by a medical doctor. For massage therapy in Thornhill contact us to discuss what the benefits could be for you.