5 Common Misconceptions About a Chiropractor’s Work

Chiropractor in MapleChiropractors are often faced with a false reputation for doing more damage than good. The general understanding of chiropractic work is that it is a treatment in which the spine and joints are manipulated. This creates the idea that chiropractors are dangerous and only a money driven industry. This, however, is not true. Chiropractic treatment has many benefits and is generally safe. Let’s take a look at 5 common misconceptions of the chiropractic industry.

  1. Treatment is Harmful

As mentioned already, this is one of the most common misconceptions we deal with as Chiropractors in Maple. The general definition of chiropractic treatment doesn’t give enough information to truly understand what it is we do. Chiropractors are qualified and licensed healthcare professionals who go through extensive training before they get to practice in this field. To keep up with the growing industry they also need to continue to attend training and conferences. If you need more proof that chiropractic treatment is safe, malpractice insurance for chiropractors is some of the cheapest in the healthcare industry.

  1. Lifelong Treatment

Being unable to stop seeing a chiropractor after you’ve started, is only a myth. After a few sessions with our chiropractors in Maple you will have a better understanding of the nervous system and what makes your body feel good. This knowledge will help you maintain this healthy lifestyle on your own. But in any healthcare sector, regular check-ups are recommended to prevent problems from occurring. It is important to listen to your body and visit your chiropractor as often as you feel necessary.

  1. Extremely Painful

Adjusting your spine might sound very painful but as a matter of fact, patients who visit our chiropractors in Maple only sometimes experience slight discomfort during the procedure and feel a sense of relief shortly after. This “discomfort” or “pain” is similar to slightly pressing on a bruise. Chiropractic healthcare has come a long way since it was first introduced, and we can assure you that the modern techniques we use are painless.

  1. Serious Side Effects

Another myth we are often faced with in the industry which is simply not true. Some people believe that chiropractors can cause strokes and other serious side effects. If that was the case, we would definitely be paying more for insurance. As discussed under myths 1 and 2, chiropractic is safe and painless. Side effects that patients might experience are headaches, dizziness or discomfort.

  1. Chiropractors Don’t Believe in Medication

While chiropractors aren’t licensed to give prescription drugs, we acknowledge that chiropractic isn’t the be all and end all of pain treatments. Some conditions are more serious than others and in these cases, we advise patients to not only rely on chiropractic treatments but also to work with a medical doctor to take care of the problem.

Chiropractors in Maple

Despite the fact that chiropractic treatments have been used with success for the past 100 years, people today still have misconceptions about what it is a chiropractor does. This type of treatment holds many benefits for patients and there is no reason to fear trying it out, seeing that chiropractors are acknowledged healthcare professionals. If you would like to start chiropractic treatment, contact us to make an appointment. Before we start any treatment we will discuss any concerns you might still have about this form of treatment, and also what you can expect from the sessions.