4 Lesser Known Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy in TorontoMassage therapy offers a plethora of commonly understood benefits including improved circulation, reduced stress, improved flexibility, recovery after a strenuous activity, general relaxation and more. But the benefits of massage therapy in Toronto don’t stop there. Below we’re going to investigate some of the less well known benefits of massage therapy. Benefits that may not get all the press but are just as real and just as valuable in their own right as their more well-known counterparts.

4 Great but Little Known Reasons you Should Consider Massage Therapy in Toronto

If the benefits of massage therapy extended no further than those listed above it would still be a valuable way to rejuvenate, recover and relax. As it is however, there are other hidden benefits that come with first class massage therapy and here are 4.

  • It acts as a counterbalance to inactivity – “The higher the tech the longer we sit” pretty much sums up life in the 21st century. When the economy shifted from manufacturing to service it meant less time on our feet, less moving about and far more time sitting in one place; more often than not staring at a computer screen. All that sitting puts subtle but significant stress on the neck, shoulders, lower back, glutes, hammies and even the feet which can begin to swell up as fluid collects in the lower legs. Those side effects of inactivity can be effectively addressed by massage therapy.
  • It can boost the immune system – Recent studies in the US and elsewhere that focused on the immune system produced some surprising results when it became apparent there is indeed a direct correlation between massage therapy and the effectiveness of the immune system. And the beneficial connection is not insignificant. Researchers have concluded that just a single massage therapy session can produce a quantifiable benefit for the immune system of the average healthy adult.
  • It can help you sleep better – If you’ve been having a hard time getting to sleep, tossing and turning as the hours tick by, massage therapy can help. While you may go to the massage therapists to help recover from an intense workout or increase your overall flexibility you are likely to experience much deeper, more satisfying sleep as well as a result. And proper sleep has a wealth of benefits that affect every aspect of your life.
  • It can aid in weight lossMassage therapy in Toronto may seem an unlikely ally in your weight loss efforts but you shouldn’t dismiss it out of hand. That’s because first class massage therapy has been well proven to improve your circulation. Improved circulation then aids in boosting your metabolism which in turn allows you to burn fat and calories more effectively. So go for massage therapy and lose weight.

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